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Designed specifically for beginners, the robot comes pre-assembled to dive into coding right away.

With the versatile shape, you can easily reconfigure its joints, transforming it from quadruped to a cyborg and beyond. There is an embedded Python portal that connects to your robot via WiFi for fast onboarding and real-time coding.

At its core, the CYOBrain is a powerful ESP32-driven microcontroller supporting MicroPython and C/C++, with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for precise control. But this robot is far from ordinary - it comes equipped with advanced accessories such as 35 dazzling NeoPixel LEDs, a microphone, a buzzer, and responsive buttons, all ready to fuel your engineering experiments.

Grab this kit, ignite your engineering spirit, and embark on an unparalleled robotic adventure!

This kit includes:

- 1 Pre-assembled CYOCrawler, ready for action right out of the box!

- 1 CYOBrain, the main board, and headquarters for all of your robotic operations.

- 1 Dashboard including nearly 1,000 challenging games, accompanying CYOBot physical robot that offers you full access to our weekly projects from beginner to advanced levels.

- 1 Micro SD, used for storing, modifying, and deploying source code.

- 1 USB C Charger (2S 4400 mAh 18650 LiPo Battery).

- 1 Embedded Python Coding Portala powerful tool for exploring the limitless possibilities of programming and controlling your CYOCrawler.

- 1 3D Blueprint, a template for you to customize and print your own CYOCrawler.

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